1pm-3pm - Uptown Party Players
4pm-6pm - Brickyard Band - Lynyrd Skynyrd Tribute
Best Beer Belly Contest (3pm)
Does your gut have what it takes to be named Best Beer Belly? If so, then come on and compete! Candidates will be judged on the Main Stage on size and personality by the audience! Winner walks away with prizes!
Drink Like A Lady Contest (3:30pm)
Are you a lady? Do you like to drink? If so, join us at the Main Stage for your chance to take home some prizes in the Drink Like A Lady Contest. Our search for the fastest, classiest, and most awesome lady drinker!
1pm -  
 Whiskies and Gins – Creating that perfect Spirit


Grains, botanicals, milling, mashing, fermenting, distilling, aging, finishing, filtering …. When all is said and done, the most important thing is … does it taste great?

KO Distilling will discuss how the beginning ingredients, certain processes and the aging/finishing approaches influence the final products that result in award winning spirits.  You will get to sample KO Distilling’s Bare Knuckle American Wheat and Rye Whiskies and their Battle Standard 142 Gins, both the Navy Strength (114 proof) and Barrel Finished (90 proof) versions.  Taste for yourself the subtle, yet delightful differences between each sprit and discuss how each works in specific cocktails.

 2pm - The Deschutes Brewery
 The seminar will commence with a brief overview and history of Deschutes Brewery. We will then briefly discuss flavor profiles that are present in the beers and cheeses together and discuss the interaction between the two.
 3pm - Coelacanth Brewing Company
The similarities in the process of making beer & bourbon. The process for creating bourbon is surprisingly simliar to the process for making beer - to a point. Join Kevin who has worked as both a distiller and brewer as he discusses them .. and the differences.
 4pm - Virginia Beer Company
 Hop Varieties & Hopping Techniques
Brewers utilize many different hop varieties and hopping techniques in order to create various flavors, aromas and bitterness levels. A guided tasting of four beers from The Virginia Beer Company will illuminate these different hop varieties and the methods that are used to imcorporate them during the brewing process.