12:00 - Doors open for Session 1

Redemption Rye

12:30pm - Redemption Rye Vertical Tasting with Dave Join Dave of Redemption Rye for a vertical tasting of a few different years of their products. He will walk you through how to taste the differences and tell you about how Redemption came to be!

1:15pm - A tasting of Angel's Envy Award-winning Angel's Envy Bourbon is finished in port barrels for an exceptionally smooth, rich flavor. Come join us for a special tasting and a talk about our spirit. We love talking about bourbon almost as much as we love watching people try it!

Angels Envy

Double Smoked Beef Burnt Ends

Butcher Bar2:00pm - Butcher Bar in the Tasting Theater talking about Double Smoked Beef Burnt Ends aka Meat Candy: A whole Brisket dry rubbed and smoked for 12 hours and the Deckle (Fat Cap) is then removed, re rubbed and smoked for an additional 2 hours. Join them to find out where brisket comes from and to grab a taste of their famous Burnt Ends.

2:00 - Bacon Eating Contest
Do you have what it takes to crush some serious pounds of bacon in a timed race against other bacon fanatics of Manhattan, NY? Join us over by the DJ for this great contest!

event image of bacon eating

 Hugh Sisson from Heavy Seas

3:00 - Heavy Seas Tasting
with Hugh Sisson.
Join Hugh in the
Tasting Theater for a tasting of some
of Heavy Seas great beers. Heavy Seas
Beer is located in Baltimore, MD and has a mission to craft well-balanced, full bodied beers using a combination of traditional and avant-garde brewing methods.  Get the chance to taste some of their newest styles on the market!

3:40 - Last call for alcohol

3:45 - Stop pouring alcohol

4:00 - Session 1 ends


4:00 - Grand Poobah Chicken N' Biscuits Tasting Session begins

Join us in the Tasting Theater for an amazing Grand Poobah tasting session featuring Chicken, Biscuits, Master Distillers, Master Brewers, and of course amazing BBQ Specialties.

Dan Garrison

Dan Garrison, Proprietor and Distiller, Garrison Brothers Distillery, will be joining us to sample some of his great products. In 2004, Dan Garrison walked away from a financially rewarding but volatile career as a software marketing professional to go get Whiskey Bent! A lifetime lover of straight bourbon, Garrison was reading a newspaper story about another Texas vodka.
He wondered aloud to his wife why anyone would make that crap when they could make Bourbon. She replied, “As much of that stuff as you drink, maybe you should. We’d probably save money.” Two weeks later, he was in Kentucky.


5:30 - Grand Poobah tasting ends


5:30 - Doors open for Session 2

Pat Fondiller

6:00pm - How To Create Your Own Spirits Brand with Master Distiller Rob Robillard
Cabin Fever
Rob Robillard's journey of getting, Cabin Fever Maple Whiskey, a small niche brand from his backyard to being sold nationally!

6:45pm - Smuttynose Beer Tasting with Pat Pat Fondiller is a Regional Sales Manager for the Smuttynose Brewing Company and he began dabbling in craft beer in California in the early 1990’s. He cut his teeth over 12+ years one of Brooklyn’s OG Beer Bars, The Gate and was a founding partner of Freaktoberfest, Craft Beer’s craziest beer, music and burlesque festival. This evening we will discuss all of the wonderful things Smutty and our new sustainable green facility in Hampton, NH plus we will sample some great Smuttynose and Smuttlabs brews.


 George Dickel Tennesse Whisky

7:30 - The Story of Tennessee Whiskey
Allisa Henley, Distiller at the George Dickel Distillery, and Gina Fossitt, Diageo Whiskey Ambassador, will take you on a historical journey of Tennessee whiskey production.  The seminar will also include the story of George Dickel's handcrafted Tennessee whisky, a tasting through the brand's expressions, and a special George Dickel cocktail with a BBQ flare!

7:30 - Bacon Eating Contest
Do you have what it takes to crush some serious pounds of bacon in a timed race against other bacon fanatics of Manhattan, NY? Join us over by the DJ for this great contest!

Bacon on Grill

 Heaven Hill Distilleries

8:30 - Tasting Seminar: Styles of American Whiskey featuring a tasting of Bernheim Original Wheat Whiskey,  Larceny Bourbon Whiskey,  Rittenhouse Rye Whiskey, Evan Williams Single Barrel,  Elijah Craig 12 year old Bourbon


9:10 - Last call for alcohol

9:15 - Stop pouring alcohol

9:30 - Session 2 ends



**Subject to change.