(First come, First Serve)

Friday, March 21st
8pm – Whole Hog from Jerry Elliott's BBQ

Saturday, March 22nd
1pm – Whole Hog from Jerry Elliott's BBQ
2pm – BBQ Boys Bacon Explosions served up by GT Roadsters
3pm – Whole Hog from Kloby's Smokehouse
4pm – Whole Hog from Jerry Elliott's BBQ


Friday, March 21st

6pm - The Highstrung Bluegrass Band


 High Strung is a Maryland-based bluegrass band which blends traditional and non-traditional material into their own distinctive sound. The band's musical influences range from Flatt & Scruggs and J.D. Crowe & the New South to the Lonesome River Band, Grateful Dead, and Herb Pedersen, as they bring interesting melodies and drive to their performances.  High Strung's members have played in a variety of bands over the years and have been drawn together by their common interest in paying tribute to tradition while also venturing into other interesting and eclectic bluegrass.

7:30pm -  Hectic Red

Celebrating over 25 years together with the same four members isn't only a rare accomplishment; it's also what makes Hectic Red one of the tightest, most diverse and highly entertaining groups in the mid-Atlantic region. Over the years, the band has developed a loyal following of fans who enjoy their top-notch musicianship. Hectic Red specializes in dynamic four-part vocal harmonies and an exciting classic rock setlist unlike any other band, including songs by artists like Steely Dan, Crosby Stills and Nash, Yes, Rush, Queen, Genesis, the Beatles and more.

8pm -  The BAYcon Eating Contest

 100.7 the bay, beer bourbon bbq, bacon eating contest,

 Join us at the main stage with 100.7 The Bay as they sponsor this year's Baycon eating contest!


Saturday, March 22nd

Noon - Annapolis Bluegrass Coalition (at the entrance)



1pm - Kelly Bell Band


Imagine Muddy Waters wearing a Bob Marley T-shirt riding on Black Sabbath's tour bus on their way to a Parliament Funkadelic concert, listening to Sammy Davis Junior on an 8-track tape humming a Run DMC song, that would be close to what we do.

3pm - Baltimore's Best Beer Belly Contest


4pm - Amish Outlaws


Four out of the original six of the members of The Amish Outlaws were born and raised in Lancaster, PA and had a strict Amish upbringing. No electricity from land lines, no alcohol, no musical instruments, but their spirits were too wild for the Amish lifestyle. Once they trampled in the Devil's Playground, there was no turning back. In the years since Rumspringa, the members of the Amish Outlaws have become very well acclimated to the pleasures and vices of the modern world...  music, most of all.

There is no "typical" Amish Outlaws show, but the average crowd can expect to see men in full Amish garb releasing all of their pent up energy with an infectious joy. With a set that is always evolving as the Brothers discover more and more music and culture, The Amish Outlaws constantly surprise the audience and keep them guessing as to what they could possibly play next, from Johnny Cash to Jay Z, Lady Gaga to Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre, Bon Jovi to Elvis Presley, The Foo Fighters to Dropkick Murphys, to theme songs from the TV shows they have come to know. Throughout, The Outlaws spin yarns about the Brothers' upbringing and adventures since Rumpsringa. Amish Outlaw gigs are less performances than they are initiations into the life of an Amish Outlaw and parties celebrating the Brothers' newfound freedom.


Saturday, March 22nd

1pm - John Vickers Smith

Join Maker's Mark Diplomat and American legend John Vickers Smith as he walks you through a tasting of Maker's Mark and Maker's Mark 46 as well as Devil’s Cut and Knob Creek Single Barrel. Click HERE to see a glimpse of his demos from years past.

2PM  A Pyrate Tasting with Heavy Seas 

 Join Heavy Seas, Joe Gold, for some pyrate fun in the Tasting Theater. He will walk you through this Maryland based beers flavors, aromas, and so much more.

3pm - Snapshot Tasting From New Belgium


 Join Ryan Carpenter the New Belgium Ranger for Maryland for a tasting of their Snapshot Wheat Beer.

4pm - "Phil & Pappy Together Again" A Special Tasting with Festival Founder, Greg Nivens


Join Festival Founder Greg Nivens in this one of a kind seminar featuring everyone's favorite, PAPPY VAN WINKLE. This seminar will guarantee you a tasting of the beloved PAPPY along with WHOLE HOG, the Kloby's Smokehouse famous Jarbecue, Moonshine Cake and everyone's favorite dish BACON EXPLOSION! You don't want to miss this demo. 
This tasting is limited to only 50 ticket purchasers!
This seminar requires an admission ticket which can be bought for $19 here: TICKETS!

5pm - Whole Hog Butchering Demo

Join Chris from Sausage Craft as he takes you through a whole hog butchering. He will show you how each of your favorite meats is cut, where they come from, and what they look like before they are cooked. Stick around till the end for a special surprise!